Living a genuine life in a world where everyone is fake and counterfeit is the worst description of a mishap. The online betting world is not entirely fake but there are tons of fake people who pioneer the progress of this industry. Cheating and scamming in online poker happens so fast and secretly such that you may never notice. When you want to Cara bermain poker, you have to watch out of various scams and cheats to avoid losing your winnings to scammers.

Chip Dumping

Chip dumping is one of the smartest cheats ever discovered in the online poker world. So many players lose their poker bets to their opponents owing to this kind of cheat. Chip dumping is simply a smart cheating technique in which a player loses a hand internationally to another player. It helps the other player gain more chips and power hold in tournaments. Players also use this cheat to transfer funds harmlessly to players who aren’t involved in the game.

Soft Playing

Soft playing is a common cheat among established players. It involves two players playing softly on each other. Most often, it involves two friends who are friends in the real world. They will have communicated it before they start engaging in the game. When playing, these players will check down hands which they could have raised to keep the pots lower.  When this kind of cheat is applied in tournaments, it will affect table dynamic and delay certain players from being eliminated. Watch out to make sure you don’t get cheated this way when playing online poker.

Playing Online Poker

Use of Bots

The world is changing and reliance on bots and machines is quite alarming. The number of bots performing different roles in the internet world has increased tremendously. It has reached a point where people use bots or software to play their hands rather doing it themselves.  It’s against the terms and conditions of most online poker sites to use bots to play online poker. Don’t engage in any activity that entails Cara bermain poker before you have confirmed that your opponents are real humans.

Ghost Playing

Ghosting is a technique in which someone gets someone else to play their accounts. It involves getting a player who way off better when it comes to the poker game at hand to help them manage the account. In some instances, a veteran player will get the account of a beginner who has been losing continuously to give an impression that they are still the losing players.


Of course, all these cheats violate the terms and conditions of most online casino portals. But we cannot neglect the fact that they are being used on an everyday basis by tough and experienced players. So many players suffer in the hands of online casinos not because they are not lucky or fit to win but because the casinos have been invaded by tough players who rely on cheats to win. The best way to stay safe while playing poker online is to keep a keen eye on all your opponents and always report any suspicions.

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