In the game of poker, marked cards are used for some sort of cheating. These invisible ink marked playing cards are processed cards which are used by cardsharps across the world to either cheat or do some magic tricks. These marked cards help the cheaters to find every card’s number and suit without the need to see the poker face. To reach such an optimal state, there are marks made on the obverse side of the cards which are usually uniform.

There are different kinds of marked cards that differ based on the technology used for marking cards. They are classified as invisible ink cards, ultimate cards with marking, and marked cards with the barcode. These marked cards can be used by those who deal as well as shuffles the poker. By reading these marks poker cheaters can steer the cards in their correct positions once they identify their desired cards. With the support of these marked poker playing cards, the odds of every conspirator or charter are increased to a great extent. 

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How do you make marked cards of ultimate type?

If you are looking to make ultimate marked cards then the first step of creating the deck of marked cards is to create blisters on your cards. You can do this with the help of a small pin that is not sharpened and can be pushed from the underside of the card. This will create a mark that feels something like braille.

Nowadays the backside of poker cards has patterns on them. So cardsharps just alter these patterns in a way that the identity of the card is revealed. This type of marked cards can further be classified as a cut-out, block-out and tinting marked cards. Out of these types, the second one is most widely used. You can make it using a regular razor knife or Exacto knife. By just changing the pattern on the back of the poker card, you can mark the cards very well.

Features of ultimate marked cards:

  • They are difficult to detect.
  • It is quite easy to make for cheaters and individual players.
  • It requires low skills and cost is also less for marking cards using this method. If you are using original poker cards then you can mark them anywhere and anytime.
  • They are best suited for magic performance and card games of poker too. This gives an additional edge to the player at shows and games.
  • You can identify any number and suit without the need to read its face. Every magician or player has to be familiar with the marking done in advance so that the cards can be identified easily.

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