Lottery is basically a form of gambling, in which people bet their money on some conditions. But time has proved that lotteries also have been beneficial for society.  These days most of the lotteries have one part of profit reserved for the projects for the needy people or for the infrastructure of public sectors. phần mềm lô đề is the major player in terms of Lottery now and host many charity events related to the Lottery.

Lottery started in 100 BC, in China during the times of Hun Dynasty. During that times lottery took birth in the form of Keno games, I which money raised by the betting was used for the financing of the construction of the Great Wall of China and other need for the defense.

Rome was also having its form of the lottery. It started as an entertainment event in parties and gatherings of the people, but then there came times when, lottery tickets were sold as a mean foe raising the funds to repairing the city. But at those times people were given objects rewards, instead of money, but those objects and things were sued to be the money at those times.

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Then in 1434, first official and public lottery was recorded, in Netherlands. But lottery which we can assume to be equivalent of the modern days happened after ten years, 1444 in Flanders towns which are now parts of the France, Belgium, and Holland. This was the first lottery in which cash prizes were given to the winners. And it is believed that funds acquired by these lotteries were used to help poor people and renovate the towns.

In England lotteries started in 16nth century. It is believed that more than four thousand tickets were sold and cash prizes were given to the winners.

After this English Government made lotteries public and anyone could now then hold of sell the tickets. And after that many forms of the lotteries have been invented. But many lotteries became corrupted and sometimes some private lotteries did not give away the prizes. Now days, most of the lotteries have become like this, but there are still many lotteries, who have not forget the true purpose. They regularly host lottery events and donate most of the money. Lotto is one of them. Now days lotteries are even banned in some countries or some countries have restricted access to the lotteries, like age limit etc.

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