When you play online poker, there is a lot to learn, and one of the essential skills you have to develop is knowing when to quit while you’re ahead. Should you keep playing, or should you call it quits? Well, that all depends on how good your ‘poker face’ is.


Learning how to evaluate hands in no-limit Texas Hold’em can be a daunting task even for experienced players. Still, there are ways to quickly get a feel for what constitutes an excellent starting hand – or at least an adequate one – so that will give you a better idea of whether or not you should stay in the pot with certain cards.


The more comprehensive the range of possible cards that your opponent may have, the better chance you have in withstanding a confrontation or at least hold your own for a while.


There are occasions when you’ll want to stay in no-limit games even if your pair is lower than any card on the board, but it’s almost always in your best interests to get out when facing higher pairs. For example, if you’re holding pocket sixes and someone else has raised before you, then don’t just automatically toss them into the muck unless they’ve already played their hand or seem otherwise disinterested.


Obviously never call all-in bets with less than two pair because this is an automatic loser against one pair or even worse hands.

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You should also usually fold five community cards out of the seven-card deck make a better hand than you. These are called “drawing dead,” and they don’t make a hand.


It’s always best to fold unless there is a lot of equity when holding two suited cards in hold ’em, even when they have paired the board or come close to pairing it. In this case, one can consider semi-bluffing with an overpair, mainly if your position at the table is good, allowing you to see whether your opponents will bet heavily on their draw. This way, you could still have outs against hands that have flopped middle pair without a flush draw already in play or even pocket pairs smaller than yours which have not yet paired the board.


It’s important to remember these tips and equally important to remember when you don’t want to bluff in situs judi poker online.


If your hole cards are suited, then it’s rarely ever a good idea just to play them for the big blind without making any other aggressive actions. There are marginal exceptions when they’re part of a flush draw or have paired the flop – in which case you can consider raising pre-flop – but usually only if the pot is small and there are no raises out of you. If people have bet into you, then fold because all you’ll be doing is ‘donating’ money to the pot by calling unnecessarily.

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