As strange as it may sound, cheating on online gambling has always been there and will probably continue being there. As many of us may wonder how this can happen. It looks impossible. Some of us run to gamble online thinking that it is safe and secure. As one of the Pkv Games, poker is one of the most abused online game when it comes to cheating online. This would have been one game we would all think cheating could be eliminated when played online. There are more than one ways to cheat in poker.


It is when a single user plays using multiple accounts in a single tournament. Normally it is forbidden for players to have more than one account to prevent bonus fraud in the first deposit. The problem arises when a player with two account takes an unfair advantage since they can see more cards than other opponents. However, some sites have preventive measures such as needing a user to upload a copy of their ID. You can only have one of those.

Virtual machines

Designed computer programs that cheat at online poker in a way that they make a decision and can even play in the absence of the user. Unlike playing as a real person, a virtual machine will have the advantage of not showing emotions that help in not making rush moves. Measures to reduce this form of cheating include taking screenshots, examining if certain programs are running during the game, taking note of the mouse movement and the reaction time of a player.


Happens when one player is advising another player on the same online poker tournament.Controlling this form of cheating can be hectic. It normally happens in different ways including players in sitting next to each other and speaking on skype. These make ghosting very easy. This form of cheating normally happens in the finals of the tournament and the prize pools are high.

What to do to play safe

It cannot be guaranteed that cheating can be prevented in the Pkv Games. If you are a fan of playing poker online, there is no reason to stop just because there is cheating. To protect yourself, however, it is wise to learn protective tactics that will not make you to always lose to a cheater. This doesn’t imply that you also cheat. You can start by playing at sites that can be said to be most secure and trusted.  Follow reviews on what people say on a site before signing up with site is actually free from cheating but from the reviews, you might easily find out that some are doing a nice job at keeping their games fair and clean.

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