We live in a world where every individual’s first and foremost ambition is to earn money for their livelihood. If there comes an offer that provides easy money with minimal effort, without any second thought majority of people would grab the opportunity.  Online gambling is one of the famous approaches to making easy money where people can een gokje wagen online and win money.

How Did It Start?

The first-ever paradise for money lovers started online in 1994. Many countries have marked online gambling illegal but due to the increased popularity and enormous internet traffic, online casinos increased from just 15 websites to 200 websites which allowed  een gokje wagen online within 1994 till 1998. In 1999 US government introduced the Internet Gambling Prohibition Act; however it the bill did not pass. Moreover in the very same year multiplayer gaming was also introduced in market.

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How Does It Work?

Online gambling is basically the virtual representation of the real-life gambling which comprises of sports bets, poker, and the majority of casinos. Thanks to the internet now anyone can gamble sitting comfortably at home with a computer or a mobile, resulting in high amount of people getting addicted to it.

Is It A Good Approach?

  • In August 2017, Jenson committed homicide to his very own best friend Andrew. It was kind of shocking, as they were really close to each other. The worst part was Jenson attacked Andrew with only a hammer and nothing else. Even though Jenson buried the dead body and vanished all the evidence. Still he got arrested. Later in court he confessed of killing his only friend due to his denial of lending any more money to feed Jenson’s growing addiction.
  • There’s always a limit for everything. Frankly, the best way to avoid any kind of trouble is just to stay in the limit. What Jenson did was unforgivable; he was blindfolded by his addiction. There might be a possibility that Andrew was still alive if Jenson knew his limits.
  • Online gambling initially asks the gamers to upload funds and then, be able to place bets. It seems very convenient at first to do put up the numbers of debit cards or credit cards on the website, but as always losing and winning teach us separate lessons.


Unlike the physical casinos, the virtual casino is a bit different when it comes to playing fair. One can see the deck of cards shuffle in reality job but online you won’t. Trusting a website to gamble which takes your money is quite risky.  I would highly suggest not choosing to gamble as the primary source of income. Instead of spending energy and all the resources on so-called convenient method of gambling, a person should search for an actual job.

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