Although slot games are the most misunderstood among all casino games, they are the most popular ones, and understanding it gives the thrill to most casino players. Over time, slots have considerably changed. All slots now have a random number generator or RNG. This random number generator is the key to all payouts and combinations, and cannot be modified or changed by anyone.

Because of this, various misinformation spread everywhere about playing slots. Most of these myths were created by either people who don’t know well about it or those who know a lot about the game and simply want to buck players off. Playing slot games is a lot of fun and entertaining as casinos were designed for entertainment. However, if you will think that you’re going to win because of some nutty slot machine myths you just overheard or found on the web, then it is only going to take you to disappointment and not fun. Remember that your chances of winning at slots are random, and there’s nothing you can do, in any way, to affect the outcome of any game. Here are some specific myths:

Myth 1 – The length of time since the last big prize matters

A few people think that slot machines get hot or cold, yet actually, each turn of the reels is an independent thing. Slot machines don’t have due dates for a win when they haven’t paid out in quite some time, and become hot and begin paying out more. Every spin is like tossing a coin or rolling the dice—the result or outcome is random. Therefore, it is completely possible to hit the jackpot in two consecutive spins.

Myth 2 – Specific times of the day or specific days of the week are better than others.

This is not true. Casinos are not able to reprogram or alter the payout percentages on any game that fast and easy. Some people also claim the payouts improve during customized dates or special events. Time of day, day of the week, or special occasions are not connected to its players’ chances of winning.

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Myth 3 – Slots games are the worst in the casino

Just because slots have payout percentages that are somehow lower than any other casino games does not mean that they are the worst games in casinos. In Fact, in Southeast Asia, 918kiss is a sought-after casino gaming site that offers mainly online slots games. This made it a go-to site by online slot games enthusiasts.

Myth 4 – A near miss shows that the slot is going to payout

If you are a patron player of slots, surely you have experienced to have hit one of those frustrating combinations where you are just a single step away for a big win. These combinations are believed to have been programmed to give you the hype feeling that your winning is close, and this will keep you playing. These near misses have no value or meaning because every spin is unrelated to each other, and it is the RNG that selected it. Don’t be captivated by the thought that you are about to hit the jackpot just because of this “near miss” thing.

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