Poker, with its so many variants, catches the interest of many. There are a lot of people trying their hands on different poker tournaments. With the advance of technology, online poker has been more accessible to the public. Even beginners with no prior poker experience can bag thousands of prize money in IDN Poker. That is thanks to online video tutorials and articles on how to beat the game. But, what does it take in the online tournament poker world to achieve success?

Take notes. Mark your opponents.

A lot of sites allow you to colour-code your opponents. That helps you identify the players with ease. It will help make it easier for you to deal with the same player in case you come across him or her later on. Simplified notes and the colour-coded system will help you more in multi-tabling. Every second count, and you must come up with a decision fast.

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Always make use of your HUD or Heads-Up Display.

One of the best advantages of playing poker online is the Heads-Up Display. You can identify your opponent’s tendencies and categorize them using that. Almost all players are using theirs, so there is no reason for you not to use yours. Like notes, your HUD will help you in multi-tabling. It will also help you recall stuff from your first encounter that you might not remember from memory.

Prepare for a long session.

Most low buy-in, big field tournaments take several hours to finish. Be patient and prepare to play for a long time. You have to take into consideration your schedule for the next day. Plan if you will register for tournaments. If you want quick matches, you can try the World Series of Poker Social Poker. It is great to play when you have a little spare time from the daily grind.

Take more chances in bounty tournaments.

When you have more chips than your opponent, you can win their bounty by putting them all in. You have to take that chance if you are in a close spot in a bounty tournament. Be careful when using these chances, but do not be too conservative. Risking your chips has implications, so do not be too reckless.

Close down more tables.

You can earn more money at the ends of the tournaments. Starting another table or competition is not a good idea. Pay closer attention to your opponents and zone in on their performance. New tables or tournaments will only distract you. That will prevent you from getting loads of rewards in the form of better finishes.

Stay focused.

You can have so many distractions when playing in the comfort of your home. The television turned on, or your family and friends talking can get your attention. The music blaring can impede your decision-making. Your phone vibrating with notifications can pull you from playing. You have to stay focused if you want to win. Set aside a schedule for playing poker. Make sure no more responsibilities are awaiting you.

Use your short breaks.

Using your short breaks will help you a lot. As mentioned above, most tournaments take several hours to finish. Allow your mind and body to rest, even for a bit. Get up and let your blood circulate in your legs, go to the bathroom, refill your water bottle, or try to get some fresh air. Using your breaks will have a massive difference in your results. They are there for you to use, so do not put them to waste.

Continue to study tournament strategies to improve your skills. The more you play, the better your techniques become. There are poker courses that you can also try. They start with the basics and will not confuse players with complicated tactics. Most of these courses lay the foundation, allowing players to establish strong fundamentals. You will then be able to absorb advanced strategy easier later on. Make use of all the resources you have and gain an edge over your opponents.

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