If the tournament has casino games with a basic strategy, such as blackjack or other games, then all you need to do is follow this strategy. The only exception is the last hand (when time is up). If you need to quickly catch up with the opponent and you do not have enough time, you can deviate from the basic blackjack strategy and divide tens or two. You can use various betting strategies, including martingale. In the end, this is a tournament, and you are not so much afraid of losing your money, but rather increasing your chances of winning. In this case, scattering is not your enemy, but your friend. You must take risks in order to be successful!

A conservative approach involves a “slow” start to the tournament.

The stakes are not very high; the risks are not so great, the main goal is to stay in the game as long as possible and see how other players are progressing. When the situation in the tournament becomes more or less clear, the player increases his bets and tries to catch up with the leaders. With an aggressive approach, the player begins to make maximum bets from the very beginning. If this allows the table limit, some players bet all the money. The main goal here is to quickly get ahead of all competitors and become a leader in order to play more calmly and observe competitors.

And one more hint: look at the results of previous tournaments before the start of the game, so that you can understand what you should strive for. Online casino tournaments will allow you to turn a negative expectation into a positive one! There are two ways to succeed: firstly, tournaments with a guaranteed prize pool can offer a prize in excess of the amount of collected fees, and secondly, the level of skill of the player. This fact makes the game a win-win anyway. If you follow the basic blackjack strategy and are ready to take risks, you will get an advantage over your opponents. Based on experience, not all players are familiar with the basic strategy and principles of mega888 tournaments.


In addition, an aggressive approach will save you time if the game is not in your favor. Choose the approach you want, but the general recommendation is that you play against the crowd. Therefore, if the majority adheres to conservative tactics, they should follow aggressive and vice versa.

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