There are a lot of Asian-themed slot machines in every casino, whether it be land-based or online. One example is the Slot Pragmatic. If you are a frequent goer to the casino, you might have seen one or two Asian-themed slot machines. They are flashing ideograms and playing Asian music unfamiliar to you. These slot machines have features you will not find on traditional Western slots.


The reason for the sudden growth of Asian-based slots is none other than tourism. Japan is next to the United Kingdom when it comes to having the United States as its favorite vacation destination. More than seven million Japanese tourists are flooding various American destination cities. New York and San Francisco, along with Las Vegas and Atlantic City, are the top favorites.

Japan does not permit any casinos. The pachinko parlors and other forms of mild betting are very different. You cannot get opportunities and experience like that from American resort casinos.

Slot Pragmatic

About six million Chinese nationals are visiting the United States in a year. That puts China in third place in its tourism of the United States. All forms of gambling are also illegal in China. The government only allows the state-run National Lottery. They do not consider this as gambling.

Even South Korea and India contribute to American tourism. Asian countries account for about a third of all international tourism in the United States.


Every slot player has a favorite machine. But even a favored one becomes dull and uninteresting as time passes by. The paytable is already in your head, and you could also find the PLAY button with eyes shut tight. You are now familiar with the names of all the cocktail waitresses. You can even hum your favorite slot’s theme music.

Familiarity breeds contempt. As time goes on, you find out about the shortcomings, and you learn things about the game that you dislike. Trying out one of those unfamiliar slot machines with reels full of Asian ideographs is not bad. The images of dragons, rice bowls, and chubby babies somehow attract players.

Slot machines tend to have exciting or boisterous sounds. But the theme music of Asian-themed slot machines is very soothing.

Examples of Asian-themed slot machines

100 Pandas

Sakura Fortune

Big Win Cat

Zhao Cai Jin Bao

Asian Beauty

Cherry Blossoms

Great 88

Koi Princess

The Legend of Shangri-La

Rich Wilde and the Pearls of India

Asian-themed slot machines let you take a peek at the fantastic Asian countries. Immersing yourself in Asian slot machines provides a lot of fun adventures.

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