Let’s start by understanding what is slot; Slot is a casino game of luck, with a set of spool having different types of symbols. These slot games are called by different names. Some of the few common names are fruites; these are played in the physical slot machines in Great Britain. Second one is Video slots which are played on a video screen. The next one is Pokies; It is the name used by Australians for both land and machine slots. There are many situs judi slot online gambling sites which provide slot machines games. The slot games make up to almost 70 percent of casino online games.

How these slot machines were invented

To understand about the record of slot machines we would need to go back to 1800’s. The father or the inventor of slot machines is Charles. The first slot machine had three spinning spool, five different types of symbols and one wining line. As it had only one winning line so it was very simple to play the game and win. You just need to get all the same symbol on the spool that’s it you win the game. There is no change from the time the slot machines were invented it works as the same way as old machines worked. But now days we have virtual spool then physical. With the advanced technology the winning combinations have increased to billions.

Tricking online slots

Many will be eager to know this information, a lot of people used to trick the slot machines either by adjusting the liver or by tracking the way symbols is arranged etc. But now it not possible to fool the machine as the slots machines has moved to the network. So now you can only do is take pleasure in playing the slot games and have fun. Leave the winning or losing on fortune.

Symbols on slot Machines

In past it was easy to track the symbols as the machines had only few symbols and logic was very simple you just need to match the three symbols in a single row and you win. However after the slot machine games have moved to network they have introduced many games and each game has its own rules and regulations. As the games are increasing the symbols also have increased. Some time the players who regularly play the slot games also find few symbols which they have never seen. But there are few symbols which everyone wants to see while they are playing the slot games. First one is wild symbol which means with the help of this symbol you can replace with any symbol you have. Second one is scatter which means spread out which helps you to enter into different game mode by which you will be able to earn more. The third one is Multipliers here you can increase your wining chances.

If you’re planning to start the online slot games then keep the above mentioned points in mind and never think of tricking the machine instead just enjoy the game.

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