When it comes to any type of poker game, one of the skills that will prove to be very valuable in the poker player’s arsenal is bluffing. Bragging essentially tricks your opponents into thinking that you have something great, although in reality you can have a very weak hand or perhaps not have any hands. If a player does not know how to bluff, most likely he will end up falling very early in the round, while in reality he could resist much longer and possibly even win it all.

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Players left in your hand

The first and probably the easiest step to create a good lantern is to identify and recognize how many players are left in your hand. Bluffing, as a rule, is not an easy task, and for it to work, you must be pretty good, but, of course, cheating fewer players is easier than making more traps. For example, cheating a table full of eight to ten players will be extremely difficult, probably almost impossible; but a table with fewer players makes bluffing much easier, because cheating three players is easier than cheating eight.

For other players, especially experienced players, the face speaks of everything. That is why it is very important that your face is easy to read. If they gave you a terrible first round of cards, don’t look at them with disgust or disappointment, because other players will understand this as if you were bleeding in shark infested waters. It would be a good practice to always look so that your opponents never know if you have a terribly lost hand or an incredibly good hand; In any case, your face will remain the same.

A popular method that many poker players use when they try to play a bluff is to place a bet in the first betting round. Many http://qqpokerdomino.club/category/poker poker players simply pass the bet or call to stay in the game, but if you place a bet and place a slightly larger bet, it seems you have a threatening hand. However, there is an aspect of intelligence in this tactic that if the other player makes big bets, showing that he can have a good hand, then it might be a good idea to go ahead and retire.


The lantern is definitely a poker strategy that is worth exploring and finally mastering. Mastering a lantern can mean the difference between making money and losing money. For most poker players, poker is a game with the ultimate goal of making money. When there is money involved in the game, and sometimes not, the poker game becomes much more serious, and the more knowledgeable and strategic the poker player is, the better he can win. Use this bluff tactic when you feel your hand is red, but use it wisely and know when to withdraw

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