QIU QIU is a very famous game in Indonesia. It has dominoes in the form of small cards and those are disposed of after playing some games as it has shown some signs. Players have to pay to deal with 3 domino cards, after accessing their cards the player may bet in turn, call, raise or fold in absence of bettor.

This is a game of bettor wherein he has to bet and play the betting process such that there are three to four rounds and the game is treated as the end if there is a single bettor he will have his pot uncovering cards. The fourth card comes in to picture if the other two rounds of betting did not get a fold. The first two rounds of betting are dealt with limits, a high limit for the second round. In the last round of betting the player who didn’t fold must uncover his cards and raise his hand, the point over here  is the player with the highest hand takes the pot.

  • There is one app of Indonesian favourite card game which has 7 other cool games to play those are:
  • Domino99, QQ,  Kiu Kiu, Gaple, Bandar Qiu Qiu, Chinese poker, Sakong, SicBo.
  • It needs only one app to play anywhere anytime to beat all card masters around the world.

How to play this game:


  • This game in online is different compared to offline, you should have to apply different strategies than are used to, however, you can win by adopting the following ones even if it is your first game. This QIU QIU is also referred as Domino 99 Poker, which is very famous in Indonesia.
    • Domino Qiu Qiu online:

Many players as a beginner playing this game where they can earn this gamble real money sitting separately in one room.

  • This game is well known for casino software which allows you to improve your skills and that too for free. You can go through the link how this game is all about
  • If you play the domino qiu qiu online as gambling in real u will get to understand what is that strategy turned out to be.
    • Beginners who play this game tend to lose money with excitement as they keep on playing until they waste their money, do not even keep their eyes on how much is left with them.
    • If there is any hope of becoming good at the game you have to walk away soon from gambling.

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