Thunderstruck 2 is the newest slot machine recently released by Micro gaming-Software-Company. Thunderstruck 2 is made up of 5 reels with a 300 coin video bonus machine. It also comprises 243 permanently allowed means of winning. Just like โหลด เกม slotxo, Thunderstruck 2 slot also comes with numerous unique features such as Great Spins Wall as well as free spins type.

Here are the top remarkable features of thunderstruck 2:

  • Wild-Storm-Feature; Thunderstruck 2 slot comes with wild storm feature that can be triggered randomly while playing and transform into five reels.
  • Achievement feature; Thunderstruck 2 is also developed with a feature that assists the player in tracking his/her winning status by displaying the combination symbol that has been won.
  • Standard feature; besides those unique features, this game also includes a standard feature as well as bonus symbols such as scatter winning and wild substitution.

Thunderstruck 2 slot game has been ranked among the most exciting games in the online casino industry. Below are more features of this incredible game.

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Symbols of thunderstruck two slot game

Thunderstruck 2 slot game consists of numerous wild symbols. These symbols can significantly assist the player in generating more winning combination by other symbols substitution. Also, while it plays a role of symbol, there will be a double combination symbol winning. If a player hit five thunderstruck, he will become the luckiest winner of 1000 coins jackpot payline.

A bonus of thunderstruck two games 

The Great Spins Hall round offers four kinds of a free spins bonus game. Three out of four games are sheltered. So, to unlock these four games, a player will have to activate the Great Spins Hall several times. Therefore, the Valkyries bonus round is available for any player to start using.

The Loki of the second game will available once a player has activated the Great Spin Hall five times. The Loki game enables a player to get 15 spins for free including a Wild Magic symbol three reels. And during the bonus game, the Wild magic feature will be activated that will transform into 14 random common symbols.

Thor free spins offer

Once you’ve activated the Great Spins Hall 15 times, you will be in a position to play Thor free bonus game free of charge. By playing free Thor slot bonus game, you will get 25 spins for free. Thus, it will allow the symbols in the winning combination to explode and vanish. Just like joker gaming ผ่านเว็บ, thunderstruck is also web game product that comes with many benefits.

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