The origin of Baccarat is still debatable to this day. Some people believe it came from Italy but others suggest it originated from France. There are many phrases and terms the game uses that came from Italian, French, Spanish, and more. Baccarat has plenty of players in English-speaking countries because of its popularity. Despite this fact, the original terminology remained the same. It is crucial to understand the terms used in the game if you want to succeed. Knowing these terms will improve your chances of winning. It would be not easy to play the game if  you do not understand what the dealer and the other players are talking about.


The name of the game also refers to a hand with a total of zero.


The Spanish word for bank or banker refers to the dealer.

Banker bet

There are three possible bets in Baccarat and banker bet is one of them. The house edge for this bet is so small you get paid 1:1 if you win. There is still a 5% commission deduction from winning bets. A lot of players consider this as the best bet when it comes to odds.


This version of Baccarat is popular throughout Europe. It involves three hands which are a banker hand and two player hands.


This refers to the amount of money you plan to spend on playing the game.


The dealer discards the top three to six cards of the deck at the start of the game. Burning is right after shuffling the cards.


There is a casino staff in-charge of the cards on the Baccarat table. This person is the caller.


This word is what the French use for requesting another card from the dealer.

Chemin de Fer

Also known as European Baccarat, this version of the game is among the most popular across the globe. Plenty of high rollers play this variation. One of the players deals the cards, takes all bets, and plays the bank. Some people also refer to this game as Railroad.


This refers to the action of dividing the deck of cards in half after shuffling. The dealer combines the cut deck again.


There is a casino staff in-charge for card drawing in the game of Baccarat. This is the dealer who can be the players depending on the variation. American casinos have two dealers at opposite sides of the Baccarat table. The dealer usually collects losing bets and announces the winner.

Down card

Also referred to as a hole card, this card is facing down when dealt by the dealer.

Up card

The opposite of the down card, this card is facing up when received by the player.

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