For some people, the one thing that stops them from giving online casinos a try is because they are concerned over the safety of the websites. They cannot be sure if the operators can be trustworthy, if the games are fair, or if they will still be able to withdraw their earnings.

That is the purpose of this article: to help you determine whether an online casino is trustworthy, safe and reliable for players like you. These factors are only a few but will somehow help you so you can have fun gaming without worrying about which online casino is safe to play. Read on to learn about the features of reliable gaming operators.


All trustworthy online casino sites are licensed in their base of operations, which could be one of the numerous jurisdictions around the globe. Also, many countries, states, and provinces require operators to get an additional license in order to operate in some certain locations or regions. Having this licensing shows that a site is safe and trustworthy.

Third-Party Game Testing

Most casino games played online are fair and random, but some are not. Almost all major casino websites have their slots, table games, and other games tested by independent agencies to justify that the results are not under manipulation, whether it’s a malicious attempt to deceive players or simply a programming error. Most websites will have a link to that agency on their webpage to assure its players the integrity and security of their software games.


Online security has always been an issue, and it is entirely understandable if you want to know about how online casinos do to protect your personal and financial data. If a site is safe and reliable, they should provide this information to players when asked via customer support or make it available on their home pages. Recently, most online casino operators adopt the utilization of the latest encryption standards to provide safety and security of their players’ financial transactions and other essential data.

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Dependable Withdrawals

There is nothing more bothersome than winning a huge prize and then wait for it to arrive. It’s a situation that many online casino players hate the most because there’s no way to instantly receive their winnings: even the casinos with the fastest payout policies should have to take some time to verify and approve withdrawal requests, and there’s also this ‘processing time’ for the said transaction.

What differs trustworthy sites from other sites which ended up on blacklists is the way how these withdrawals are being handled. At reliable sites, they will provide you with a clear idea of when you can receive your winnings, and the requirements for verification you will have to fulfil. The trusted operators also opt for faster payouts to assure its players that they won’t have to wait for so long before they can enjoy their hard-earned winnings.

 Helpful Customer Support

There’s nothing more satisfying and refreshing than talking to customer care support personnel who are helpful, polite, and knowledgeable. One of the big factors that makes an online casino site a trustworthy one is having a reliable customer support team who are very helpful to resolve customer issues instead of brushing off their players’ complaints. Being one of the most popular platforms in Southeast Asia, 918kiss is one of those reliable online casino sites which has a  qualified and professional customer support team to help you solve any issue as quickly as possible.

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