Evolution Gaming is finally giving good luck to all the roulette aficionados out there. The entrance of this reputable game developer has made a big positive change in the industry of online gambling. The wonders of live casino gaming had been improved and this game developer had contributed a lot, especially its live roulette creation. Lightning Roulette has a 36-pocket wheel, a live casino game. It is a kind of live dealer game online, in which many players are hooked on the game. It is claimed as the supercharged version of the old casino table game.

A walkthrough of the game

The impressive look of this live roulette game had hooked a lot of online casino players. The game developer had worked a lot and very cautious on every single detail of the game, including the following:

  • Impressive gold and black color scheme
  • Digital game board
  • Entertaining dealers (hosting the game)

The game takes only seconds to end one round. The digital roulette table popped up on the screen where the player decides which one to bet: straight bets or even money bets. You may bet on the maximum or minimum, it depends on the player which one to choose per spin. The dealer indicates that the betting is already close. A maximum of five numbers can be generated in each round. Multipliers of 50-100x on every lucky number can be hit, check this page on how the roulette works. The dealer releases the ball and sets all the bets. If you are lucky enough to have the numbers you have bet on, you win!

The strategies and tips

The massive multipliers of the game are so enticing, which makes you decide to bet for another round. As a player of this variant of live roulette, you need to know about the bets, tips, and strategies used by the players on the game, such as:

  1. Neighbor bets. The racetrack that you see on the game table helps you to place this type of bet with just one click. For instance, you will have the Voisins bet covering 17 numbers. Some other neighbor bets are also called Orphelins and Tiers, which cover an important portion of the game table.
  2. Columns. Roulette aficionados are aware of this type of bet, which covers 12 numbers. Giving yourself the chance to win a big multiplier, betting on 1 or 2 columns is the best bet to do.
  3. Random selections. Many have claimed that this strategy is not that good. Pick more than half of 50% of the possible numbers randomly. You will have a better chance of winning here.
  4. Red or Black. You are betting all red numbers here or all black numbers. It is closest to have a 50/50 chance of hitting the biggest multiplier on the board game.
  5. Bet on every number. Betting all the numbers on the board is possible. Once the roulette ball lands on the pocket, it means that you win the multiplier.

All these strategies for this live roulette game will probably have no assurance to work 100%. But, if you are a serious roulette player, you will consider this. All you need to do is never chew up your bankroll. There is no way to play aggressively. Always keep reminded that the lucky number is not guaranteed as the winning number. You have the five lucky numbers on the table game and the ball might land on the wrong pocket, not completely your five lucky numbers. Thus, you need to think of it. Players who are into roulette should consider this variant of roulette game by Evolution Gaming.

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