We all know that every profession has some technical terms. These terms are different and difficult to understand for other people. If you are a newbie in the gambling field then you must have to learn major gambling terms so that you will able to understand them. You will easily get these terms on the Online Casino Singapore gambling sites. If you know them properly then it will be very easy for you to react and play accordingly.

Major gambling terms:

  1. Action 

Action is the term used in the casino to denote play. So whenever you get the pop-up on the screen of the Online Casino Singapore then it means it’s your turn and you have to play now. If you play in the offline casino then the meaning of action will be the same, your turn to play.

  1. Bankroll 

It is the amount that you put aside just to play a gambling role. So whenever anyone asked you about the bankroll then you have to tell about your money for gambling games. The meaning of bankroll will be same with the both online and offline casinos.

  1. Betting limit 

It is the amount that you can use to put a single bet in any gambling game. You will learn more about the betting limit when you start playing gambling games in the casino because every game has a different betting limit.

  1. Buy-in 

When you enter any casino then you have to buy chips because without chips you will not able to play gambling games. So the process of buying chips with cash is called buy-in. The meaning of buy-in is the same with both online and offline casinos. But when you attend any poker tournament then the meaning of buy-in is the cost of the ticket.

  1. Cage 

If you do not use all the chips or win a lot of chips then you have to visit a counter in the casino which converts all the chips into cash. That counter is known as a cage.

  1. Chips

These are like tokens, the currency of the casino. You have to use them to play gambling games in the casino, without having chips you will not able to play any game. When you visit any casino the very first thing you have to do is to buy chips by using cash.

These are few important terms that every gambler must know. Apart from these terms, there are a lot more, you have to learn them so that you will not face any difficulty while playing with other gamblers.

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