The ethereum blockchain based game is etheroll dice game. You will play on the smart contract system in the units of ether which is a cryptocurrency. This is also called as ethereum dice. It is the provably fair game which doesn’t need any kind of sign ups or depositing of money. Many of the online casinos offer these games but there is a specific site for playing this game. On all types of dice rolls, this game has one percent of house edge. When you play this game, you are going to get the payouts in an instant manner. You don’t have to wait for receiving your winning cash for longer hours like you do while playing casino games.

Advantages of playing etheroll dice game 

The etheroll dice game is played by rolling the dice. There are various advantages of playing this game.

The first thing is convenience. You can play this game in at any time you want which is the comfortable thing, You can play 24 hours but you need to set a time aside for yourself to play the game and earn the dice tokens. Here you don’t have to give your sign in details to log into the site. You can just play it directly without any interruption. There is no need of providing any kind of deposit like you deposit the cash for playing in an online casino.

The main advantage is that you can withdraw the winning cash instantly after winning. You don’t have to wait for hours or days for getting the money like you do in an online casinos. After you win the game, you are going to receive your winning cash. The game is based on 100 sided roll dice. If you roll and predict the number as lesser one than the rolled number, you will win if not you lose. Here you are going to get house edge of one percent which is also beneficial for the gamer.

You can play this game for free without depositing any money. You don’t have to provide your personal details. Your account in is secured and safe.  There is no need to worry about the safety. You will earn in cryptocurrency form which is greater than our normal cash.

Thus, these are some of the advantages of playing etheroll dice game.

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