One of the most outstanding features of ole777 sport betting is a live in-play betting. This kind of function has grown across the betting industry, and because of its popularity, most online betting offers this kind of feature.

In-play betting enables bettors to get near to the action, which allows them to feel the nerve-wracking rollercoaster ride of placing a bet during the game match, hoping that your team will win.

In in-play betting, the bookmaker will stop a betting market in a match if a penalty is given or if there’s a red card because traders will require to make a judgment based on the odds for that game. Also, one of the good things about in-play betting is that you’re able to balance your pre-match wagers. For example, you placed a pre-match bet on a particular team to beat the opponent, but it’s the opponent team who wins the match. Then, you could back at a different time with a live in-play to regain potential pre-match losses from your first team.

Do Other Bookmakers Offer Live Streaming?

The answer is yes; several bookmakers offer live streaming. Many bookies have contracts with other companies that giving them rights to live stream sporting events. Though some doesn’t have this privilege, that’s why other betting sites don’t have this kind of feature on their page. But it’s not too late; many bookmakers are requesting for their rights to live-stream some sports event.

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Not only that, but many bookmakers also have live tennis, a football game in different matches all over the world. Some have rights to show live horse racing or other racing sports events. Sometimes, it requires the bettors to place at least a minimum of 5-10 baht on the race, and then they have the privilege to watch the streaming and see whether their team is past the post.

Can You Place Your Bet Using a Mobile Phone?

 Of course, you can; many online betting sites have an application for the convenience of their bettors. You may download the app version on Google Play, or App Store. Or visit their website using your mobile web browser.

Most of these applications are user-friendly and sometimes provides great deals, bonus offers, welcome offers for their would-be bettors, especially if their place their first mobile bet. Great offers await for the first-timers.

However, some online betting sites don’t have this kind of feature. You may require to use a desktop or laptop to place a bet. Nonetheless, since the popularity of this feature continues to rise, many bookmakers, online betting sites are now developing their app version to keep up with their competitors.

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