Pkv games are one of the easiest and exciting games in the poker city when it is compared with other pkv games. These games must be played with 8 people on 1 table. This will consist of the 7 players and a single dealer. You can also use the bookie and can apply the jackpot.

There are various rules which are needed to be followed when you are playing the pkv games. You have to first provide the capital to play this poker game. The players can bet with 1000 rupiah which is considered as the smallest amount for players. The city can have a minimum buy-in value of 35,000 rupiahs. For the city, this is considered as the smallest balance for playing the poker pkv games.

Tutorial for playing pkv games

When you are playing like the player then you will have to compare the cards with the dealer. So other players also have to do the same comparison with your cards. There is no side betting system is available for this game. So you will be fighting for one person and the city. The chances of winning the game would be higher in the games when they are not using the dealer systems.

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High risk is involved in the dealer. But when you win then you would be able to make a huge amount. As a bookie, the initial advantage is that you will not have to place any bets. If you are having the card which is higher than the player then you will be getting the money on the bet. But when you lose then you also needed to pay more money for the bet.

Now how the winner is determined. The easiest way is if you are familiar and you don’t want to think about this anymore. Then you have to memorize the different levels of the ranking in the pkv games. Hand ranking or commonly which is referred to as the item are using the same ranking card in the poker.

Hand ranking is consisting of 10 types of cards. The following are the levels that are from the strongest to the weakest cards.

In addition to that, all the players and the dealers are having the same opportunity for getting the jackpot. The way of getting the jackpot is to buy 1000 rupiah each before the round f the game starts.

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